English 10

English 10 Online is an interactive and engaging course with an emphasis on writing, both in expository and creative forms, and on the study of literature. There is a strong emphasis on the development of writing skills, and the course includes literacy strategies throughout.

Course Overview

There are four units:

Unit One: Identity
Genres: Art, poetry, memoir, advertising, podcast, short story.
Assignments: Writing in expository and narrative forms; discussion postings, informal speaking assignment, interview, text and image assignment, quiz.

Unit Two: Power
Genres: Poetry, songs, speeches, persuasive writing, play, short story.
Assignments: Writing in expository and persuasive forms, comparative essay, discussion postings, creative assignment, quiz.

Midterm exam

Unit Three: Novel Study
Genre: Novel (Finnie Walsh)
Assignments: character sketch, narrative, verbal-visual essay, quizzes.

Unit Four: Poetry, Documentary and Exam Preparation
Genres:Documentary film, poetry
Assignments: Documentary review, augmented poem and writing, original poetry.

Final Exam