This online course balances reading, writing, speaking and listening activities. It is designed for English Language Learners who are working in the “Expanding” range on the BC English Language Learners Standards. Students will need basic reading, writing and speaking skills in order to be successful in this course. This is not a beginner English language course.

Students taking this course should already be able to:

  • Communicate in writing in a way that is generally understandable
  • Create sentences and paragraphs to communicate ideas
  • Read, understand, and state the main ideas in paragraphs
  • Participate in conversations about familiar topics and some academic content

Practice Assignments

Each week, students will complete practice assignments in reading, writing, speaking and listening. They will submit two assignments each week for feedback only.

Marked Assignments

Every three weeks, students will submit assignments for marks. They will usually have some choice for those assignments. Students must have completed the practice assignments and received feedback on them before completing the graded assignments.

Midterm and Final Interview

At weeks 6 and 12 of the course, students will complete an online, live interview with their teacher.