Grade 11

  • Pre-Calculus 11
    This Math 11 course is aimed at students who plan on completing post-secondary programs that require the knowledge of theoretical calculus, such as sciences or business. Click here for the course outline.
  • Biology 11
    Biology 11 Online consists of several units. These include Evolution, Classification, and Diversity of Organisms.
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  • Chemistry 11
    Chemistry 11 was developed to promote the acquisition of knowledge and the learning of problem solving skills as related to core chemistry concepts. Click here for the course outline.
  • Physics 11
    The Physics 11 program emphasizes the applications of science to everyday living and the skills needed in the workplace. To prepare students for further education and for their adult lives, the provincial science curriculum engages students in the investigation of scientific questions and the development of plausible solutions.
  • Communications 11
    Communications 11 is a dynamic, alternative course in English that meets the needs of students who might find it difficult to succeed in English 11 and English 12. Its high-interest lessons focus on honing practical communication skills. In this course students will complete a range of reading, writing, speaking and listening activities that will engage, challenge and build confidence in spoken and written communication.