Going to Canada

If you are planning to travel and study in Canada, this course prepares you for that wonderful experience.  The course Going to Canada covers issues such as visa processes, Canadian culture and customs, and homestay expectations.


The course has three parts:

  1. The Destination
    • Saanich
    • Victoria
    • British Columbia
    • Canada
  2. Culture and Considerations
    • Contact information
    • Travel resources
    • Getting around
    • Canadian Money and Banking Information
    • Taxes and Tipping
    • Phoning
    • My Home and Culture
  3. Before I Go
    • Passport, Visa, Study Permit
    • Medical Insurance
    • Personal Insurance
    • Packing: clothes and accessories; health and hygiene
    • Packing As an Art Form
    • Luggage

There is a short quiz at the end of each part.
There are four assignments, discussion topics, a final project, and an interview.